Will Limited Partners Have Limited Understanding?

Will Limited Partners Have Limited Understanding?

Advising Private Equity Firms in This Crisis

We are going through tumultuous, uncharted times.  Many Private Equity firms are being pressed to come up with a coherent battle plan with incomplete and constantly-changing information.

With respect to immediately stressed portfolio companies, firms need to address a myriad of questions like, “How can I extend my runway with creditors nipping at my heels?” and “What are my alternatives to bolster liquidity?”  And for investments that have not been directly affected yet, but may still experience wrenching challenges from either government restrictions, employee dislocation, recession, collapse in consumer demand, and so forth, it is prudent to be prepared for all of that as well.

At Gordian Group, Private Equity firms are at the core of our business.  Our practice entails working with owners to identify financial and other problems and craft solutions to them – even when the Private Equity firm has exhausted its available capital.  Over the last week, we have answered the call from Private Equity clients to help broadly and immediately, across their portfolio companies.  We have been in business as a firm for 32 years, and have the experience, creativity and deal-doing capability to help our clients preserve and enhance values.

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