Structured Finance

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Gordian maintains a leading practice among investment banks in structured finance and complex securitizations.

  • Gordian has a significant track record in the monoline insurance and structured finance arenas.
  • We are highly experienced at analyzing risk and estimating losses on securitizations of various assets and uses this knowledge to help clients assess and mitigate losses related to these securitizations.

Over a long period of time, Gordian has represented various constituencies in several prominent credit situations, including MBIA and the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

In recent years, we have developed a significant practice in mortgage-backed securities.

Ambac/Officer of Commissioner of Insurance Regulator CDO, CLO, RMBS, Structured Insurance
ANC Rental Corp. (Alamo/National Car Rental) Securitization Creditor Car Fleet Securitization
Heilig-Meyers Securitization Creditor Accounts Receivable Securitization
LTV Corp. Securitization Creditor Accounts Receivable and Inventory
MBIA Insurer Manufactured Housing Loans
Undisclosed State Insurance Regulator / Mortgage Insurer Regulator Mortgages
Undisclosed Monoline Insurer Second Lien RMBS
Spiegel, Inc. / MBIA Securitization Creditor Credit Card Receivable Securitization
Zale / Gordon Jewelry Creditor Accounts Receivable Securitization

Leading practice among investment banks in structured finance and complex securitizations.

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Select Structured Finance Case Studies

Undisclosed Monoline Insurer

Gordian Group was engaged to analyze collateral of two second-lien RMBS securitizations to minimize its client’s losses and identify damages.

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Zale/Gordon Jewelry

Gordian Group advised the creditors committee of Gordon Jewelry in connection with the Zale bankruptcy.

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Gordian Group has been advising a regulator in its oversight of a leading reinsurance company.

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