Restructuring & Debt Advisory

Companies with complex restructuring and distressed debt issues rely on Gordian to develop bold and creative strategies and negotiate with creditors and other stakeholders, all in an effort to harmonize the diverse needs of all constituencies and maximize enterprise and shareholder values.

  • In our 30+ year history, we have advised clients on hundreds of balance sheet restructurings and refinancings.
  • Our experience allows us to enter time-sensitive projects, evaluate the businesses’ current state and long-term needs and quickly identify and execute upon strategies that maximize clients’ outcomes.
  • We are skilled negotiators specializing in creative and bold approaches that advantage our clients.

We have deep experience working with companies in matters involving complex issues, including managing the diverse needs of their stakeholders, negotiating with lenders and creditors, and determining the best course for maximizing business and stakeholder value.

Understanding the Situation

  • In our engagements, clients are oftentimes in a position of vulnerability.
  • Without experienced advice, such a company will frequently find itself disadvantaged with prospective investors and unable to close on appropriate terms.

Identifying Points
of Leverage

  • In order to successfully navigate such transactions, it is important to rely upon advisors that specialize in maximizing value through creative courses of action.
  • Even under duress, old equity has control and option value, which can be used advantageously.

Creative Solutions

  • We have a reputation for effectuating creative solutions and strategies that maximize value received for our clients.
  • Importantly, we do not rely on cookie-cutter solutions and approach each engagement from a clean perspective, synthesizing the specifics of the case with our decades of experience and our clients desires.

Maximizing Recoveries

  • We are experts at inverting their position in the “waterfall” that other advisors are loath to challenge.
  • Gordian has achieved recoveries for supposedly “out of the money” constituencies in circumstances where creditors and other constituents were facing significant value shortfall at the time we were retained.

At Gordian Group, we are delighted to field these kinds of confidential inquiries.
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Select Restructuring & Debt Advisory Case Studies

Federal Communications Commission

Gordian Group advised the FCC in connection with the bankruptcy of certain failed “C-Block” licensees.

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LTV Steel

Gordian Group acted as financial advisor to Abbey National Bank in connection with its $250 million accounts receivable securitization exposure to LTV, and which resulted in the successful full repayment of Abbey National’s claim at the end of the bankruptcy.

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Axion International Holdings

Gordian Group acted as investment banker to Axion in its successful sale and reorganization.

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