Mergers & Acquisitions

Advisory Services

Gordian specializes in managing complex, “story”, distressed and short cycle M&A engagements. We also provide buy-side advisory services for clients interested in pursuing distressed acquisitions.

  • Gordian has extensive experience conducting sale processes and auctions to maximize value for our clients.
  • We excel in our ability to develop broad buyer interest and create and maintain a robust competitive sales process to maximize value for sellers in traditionally uncompetitive environments.
  • We have the experience and creativity required to maximize the number of options and solutions for our clients. We create viable & executable alternatives to maximize client value.

Gordian has extensive experience conducting sale processes and auctions to maximize potential value for our clients, representing sellers, buyers and entities functioning in “watchdog” roles.

Value Maximizing M&A Strategies

Middle Market M&A

Gordian brings rich experience working with boards of directors, entrepreneurs and private equity sponsors looking to sell, buy or "go private." Our clients leverage our breadth of contacts, creativity and negotiating acumen to achieve advantageous results.

Complex M&A

Companies seeking to remedy flawed sale processes work with our team to replace or support their existing investment bankers.  We have vast experience conducting auctions to maximize potential value for the stakeholders.

Story M&A

Gordian works with "story" situations that require expertise in communicating the essence of the business in order to maximize value for the seller. We effectively create "optionality" and articulate a story that best captures the business value and growth potential.

Distressed M&A

Distressed M&A, including 363 sales, requires a special skill set to develop wide buyer interest and to maintain a competitive dynamic through closing.  Gordian excels in its ability to create and maintain a robust, competitive sales process to maximize value for the seller.

At Gordian Group, we are delighted to field these kinds of confidential inquiries.
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Select Mergers & Acquisitions Case Studies

Pinnacle Holdings

Gordian Group advised the Company in connection with the successful sale of the Company through a bankruptcy plan of reorganization, which resulted in significant recoveries to old equity.

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MiniScribe Corporation

Gordian Group served as financial advisor to Maxtor in its successful acquisition of MiniScribe.

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Gordian Group advised the Heilig-Meyers liquidation trustee in connection with its majority equity holdings in RoomStore.

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