Gordian Crypto

Financial Advisory & Expert Witness Services in the Cryptocurrency Space



Gordian Crypto Advisors LLC provides financial advisory, investment banking, regulatory knowledge, and expert witness services to businesses involved in the cryptocurrency space.

Gordian Crypto is a joint venture between Gordian Group, an investment bank with over 30 years advisory experience, and Georgetown University Law Professor Adam J. Levitin, one of the nation’s leading experts on cryptocurrency, financial regulation, and insolvency.

Experience at the Intersection of Crypto and Distressed Situations

  • Gordian Crypto member Adam J. Levitin is the Anne Fleming Research Professor and Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He is a leading expert on cryptocurrencies and insolvency.[1]
  • Gordian Group and its partners and affiliates, including CEO, Henry F. Owsley President, Peter S. Kaufman, have significant experience in distressed investment banking and financial advisory services and are prepared to leverage that experience within the crypto ecosystem.
  • Click for Part 1 and Part 2 of a two-part op-ed series written by Adam Levitin about crypto restructuring featured in The Deal.
  • Click here for a downloadable of Professor Levitin’s article on the treatment of custodial funds in cryptocurrency exchange bankruptcies.
  • Click Here for a downloadable two-page summary of Gordian Crypto.

Regulatory Experience

  • Gordian Crypto member Adam J. Levitin has extensive experience working with multiple federal regulatory agencies, state attorneys general, and Congress on financial regulatory issues.  Professor Levitin has testified before Congress over thirty times on financial regulatory and insolvency matters, has worked as an expert witness or litigation consultant for federal financial regulatory agencies and state attorneys general, and has served as the primary draftsman for several substantial bills.  Professor Levitin has previously served on the Consumer Advisory Board of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Advisory and Investment Banking Services

Capital Formation Services

Gordian Crypto helps clients access capital, including traditional equity and debt capital raises as well as crypto capital raises such as governance token private placements, initial coin offerings and asset/liability tokenization.

Financial Advisory Services

Gordian Crypto provides a broad range of financial advisory services to investors, traditionally incorporated corporations and DAOs. These services include but are not limited to activist defense, M&A advisory, divestitures, Newco formation for DAOs, fairness and solvency opinions, and valuations.

Governance Advisory/Token Recapitalization/Structural Transformation

Gordian Crypto can help DAOs restructure their governance tokens and also form LLC or C Corp entities to better transact in traditional markets. As token holders become more sophisticated and institutional, governance structures will be scrutinized more closely from a financial perspective.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

Since crypto is a nascent space, many situations that arise in the future could have few legal precedents. Gordian Crypto is prepared to offer expert witness and litigation support services for situations marred in litigation.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Regulation of cryptocurrency businesses is unsettled with potentially overlapping jurisdiction of a number of federal and state agencies. Assessing and addressing regulatory risk is a key challenge for cryptocurrency firms attempting to stay ahead of the curve. In conjunction with a client’s legal counsel, Gordian Crypto can access its extensive experience in this area to assist with developing and refining strategies for navigating the federal and state regulatory landscape.


Please contact Leslie Glassman directly if you have any questions or would like to set up a call or a meeting.

[1] Although Professor Levitin is admitted to the Bar in New York, Gordian Crypto is not a provider of any legal services, and its advisory services do not constitute or include legal advice.