Gordian Cannabis

Financial Advisory Services for Regulated Consumer Activities and Related Services

Gordian Cannabis – Regulated Consumer Activities and Related Financial Advisory Services

Gordian Cannabis is a joint venture between Gordian and Ginsberg Holdings, an investment and strategic support platform focused on the emerging global cannabis industry established to assist cannabis companies, entrepreneurs and Boards navigate today’s challenging environment.

Cannabis Experience

  • The partnership was established in 2023 by Gordian, Josh Ginsberg, and Julian Michalowski.
  • Josh Ginsberg is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Native Roots and an experienced cannabis entrepreneur and advisor with a demonstrated history of fast and strategic business growth, with more than 14 years of cannabis industry experience from seed to sale.
  • Julian Michalowski is an experienced cannabis and real estate investor and strategic advisor with a successful history of accelerating the growth and profitability of startups and has generated more than $600 million in business growth throughout his career.

Experience at the Intersection of Cannabis and Distressed Situations

  • The cannabis industry faces significant opportunities and risks.  Tightening of the capital markets has resulted in lower stock market capitalizations and decreased access to funding.  The plethora of competitors is likely going to result in significant industry consolidation.
  • Yet, emerging from this will be a leaner, more competitive group of companies.  Gordian Group – through its decades of restructuring and consolidation experience – can help facilitate this transition.

Regulated Consumer Activities & Related Industries Experience

  • We have a substantial amount of experience in Regulated Consumer Activities and related industries, including tobacco, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and gaming.  Gordian has worked with companies, among others, in these industries. More detailed case studies on certain of the foregoing Regulated Consumer Activities and related industry assignments can be found in the Client Case Studies section on our website.
  • Notably, Gordian Group has extensive background in transactions involving Regulated Consumer Activities, including alcohol, tobacco and gaming.  We understand the investment ups and downs in this arena, having successfully managed a private equity fund (Bacchus Capital) focused on the fine wine industry.  Additional information on Bacchus Capital Management here.


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