Prognosis for Distressed Healthcare Companies

Distressed Healthcare

M&A Advisor Virtual Summit Series 2020

Gordian Group’s Peter Kaufman participated in The M&A Advisor 2020 Virtual Summit to discussed distressed healthcare. 

Panel: Prognosis for Distressed Healthcare Companies

This recorded interactive session entitled: Prognosis for Distressed Healthcare companies,  provided in-depth analysis on best practices for struggling healthcare companies to streamline operations as well as for buyers looking to acquire health care assets or companies. 

Covered in this recorded session:

  • ​Understand strategies to implement for healthcare companies currently in or approaching Chapter 11
  • Explore valuation and other considerations in asset acquisition
  • Assess trends in M&A activity within the healthcare community

Moderator: Peter Kaufman, President and Head of Restructuring and Distressed M&A, Gordian Group

Panelists: Liam Logue, EVP Global Corporate Development, UDG Healthcare plc | John Tishler, Partner, Waller Law | Emily Johnson is Member with McDonald Hopkins.

Expert Q&A From Panelists

Below is a timestamped breakdown of the interview.

00:00 | Introductions. Learn about the panelists.

02:20 | How do you think COVID is impacting the marketplace?

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04:31 | What regulatory concerns are there on a distressed deal on the buy side vs. the sell side? Do regulatory concerns drive the timing of a deal and if so what’s the affect?

08:55 | What’s the current status in your view for distressed assets in healthcare?

13:40 | What’s the prognosis for the acquisition of distressed healthcare assets for 2021 and beyond?

16:34 | In what way is the US election playing into the market, if at all?

19:30 | Any views on pending Supreme Court case regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacting the market?

21:41 | What will be the net winners in the next couple of years in distressed healthcare?

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26:42 | What about rural healthcare markets? Any concerns about rural hospitals surviving? Are they worth investing in?

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33:12 | Who are the most likely buyers of healthcare assets? Competitors, opportunistic investors, private equity?

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 Audience Q&A

36:33 | What should the board of directors of a healthcare company be doing at this time?

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39:20 | When should the board of a distressed or potentially distressed healthcare company take some sort of action?

41:09 | What regulatory information would a seller need to gather in advance of a sale?

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Thank you to The M&A Advisor for hosting this webinar, to the participants for their valued insights and to you for watching.

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