Steel City Media

Gordian was able to successfully recapitalize and restructure the Company pursuant to a POR under the protection of chapter 11.

Undisclosed Media Company

With Gordian’s guidance, the Company averted its creditors’ attempt at liquidation and instead negotiated a forbearance, preserving the entirety of the sponsor’s equity stake and providing sufficient runway to reposition the Company for a more favorable monetization event.

BankUnited / FDIC

Gordian Group advised the FDIC regarding Bank United and, in particular, the bank’s capital adequacy in the period preceding its takeover.

Nuo Therapeutics

Gordian was engaged by Nuo Therapeutics as the Company’s investment banker to assist in exploring and implementing its capital markets alternatives, including a potential balance sheet restructuring and third party financing.

BI-LO and Bruno’s Supermarkets

Gordian was engaged as consulting and expert witness in connection with the defense of claims brought by the Bruno’s liquidation trustee against Lone Star, BI-LO and affiliated entities.

Crescent Resources LLC

Gordian Group acted as an Expert Witness for the Crescent Resources Litigation Trust in the case against Duke Energy  

Tracor (Financial Opinion)

Gordian Group rendered several financial opinions to the Company including with respect to fairness, solvency and valuation.


Gordian Group acted as financial advisor to MBIA in connection with its $3.6 billion exposure in ANC’s bankruptcy reorganization.

LTV Steel

Gordian Group acted as financial advisor to Abbey National Bank in connection with its $250 million accounts receivable securitization exposure to LTV, and which resulted in the successful full repayment of Abbey National’s claim at the end of the bankruptcy.

Alert Holdings

Gordian Group was engaged by Alert’s limited partners to develop and negotiate a plan of reorganization, which ultimately resulted in the retention of approximately 97% of the pro forma equity of the Company.