Nursing Home Bankruptcies | Gordian Perspectives for June 2021

Each month members of Gordian Group team pick articles, posts or current news events that we found interesting and worth sharing with Gordian clients and our growing network . We provide some commentary and context and where applicable how Gordian Group can help. This month’s perspectives post discusses the recent surge in nursing home bankruptcies.

Nursing Facilities – Upcoming Crisis
and Opportunity

Gordian Group hopes you are doing well during this challenging period.  Many economic models are changing, and we want to call your attention to the adult care industry – nursing homes, rehab centers, retirement communities.  We anticipate this area will present numerous risks and opportunities for investors in the coming cycle.  Just this week, Buckingham Senior Living Community, Inc. filed for chapter 11 with over $300 million in liabilities. Pinnacle Health Facilities filed for chapter 7. Last week, Amsterdam House Continuing Care Retirement Community filed for chapter 11 with over $400 million in liabilities.

There are many areas for concern in this sector.  As an example, inflation is rearing its ugly head, and we believe that labor costs, notably for nursing care, will go through the roof.  We also expect that the political and regulatory environment will present numerous obstacles to success.  And any substantial increase in interest rates will put elevated pressures on the industry.

To us, that might mean opportunities to make opportunistic acquisitions where we can be helpful; we specialize in advising clients on acquiring assets with capital structure challenges as cheaply as possible.  And we can also (i) provide insights into what Gordian is seeing in the PE restructuring market for nursing homes, long term care facilities and addiction centers, (ii) discuss where we see things going from a “defensive” perspective on any existing portfolio capital structure issues and (iii) understand from you what opportunities to show you so you can play “offense” in new situations and take advantage of market uncertainty.

We have significant experience in the healthcare space. Please see the following article summarizing our recent PE advisory activity, including case studies of specific engagements.

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We welcome the opportunity to share our insights in this area with you.  Please contact Leslie Glassman to set up a discussion.  We look forward to our conversation.



Commentary by Gordian Group CEO Henry Owsley