Will $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Prevent a Recession?: Peter S. Kaufman Interview

Today on Yahoo! Finance, Gordian Group’s President, Peter S. Kaufman discussed the impact of the Coronavirus on the US economy. He offered his thoughts on the proposed stimulus package, how fast and effective it may be and whether we’ll see a wave of bankruptcies. 

00:00 | Is $2 trillion stimulus enough to get us through this crisis and are we headed for a recession?

01:44  | How urgent is it for companies to receive stimulus funding especially since they’re being asked to keep employees on the payroll?

03:22  | What’s the potential effect on companies credit ratings and will we see a wave of bankruptcies? What types of companies are at risk given these unprecedented times?

05:04  | Have you seen any credit facilities being created to provide short to mid term relief for companies yet?

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If you’d like a full copy of the interview transcript or to speak with Mr. Kaufman please contact Leslie Glassman  ljg@gordiangroup.com