The M&A Advisor Recommends…Equity Holders Under Siege

Gordian Group’s Behind-the-Scenes Look at Strategies and Tactics for Distressed Businesses

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Equity Holders Under Siege book jacket

From the authors of Distressed Investment Banking: To the Abyss and Back, Beard Books, 2005, we are pleased to present Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley’s latest work, Equity Holders Under Siege: Strategies and Tactics for Distressed Businesses. With a sophisticated approach and tongue-in-cheek humor, Equity Holders Under Siege gives readers an unvarnished behind-the-scenes look into the real world rough and tumble of negotiating on behalf of “under water” owners.Owsley and Kaufman offer practical advice and hope for entrepreneurs and other owners who have poured their souls and treasure into their businesses – only to find one day that it all can be taken away by creditors. They share actionable strategies for owners to reclaim their companies and extract value.

Potential purchasers of distressed businesses will benefit from Owsley’s and Kaufman’s in-depth look into the complex dynamics of how the various distressed groups operate — without this understanding, erstwhile buyers may discover that they’ve vastly overpaid. Creditors and other constituencies will be better prepared to protect their investments after reading about the types of campaigns that will likely be waged against them by well-advised equity owners.

Owsley and Kaufman, both highly regarded in the insolvency field, have been trusted advisors in the ranks of the nation’s top financial professionals for more than three decades. We predict that this book will quickly become the “must have” guide for both new and seasoned legal and financial restructuring professionals — those who play key roles in the economic struggle between debt and equity groups.

“Balancing corporate responsibilities with maximizing shareholder value is complicated. Having been the beneficiary of Peter, Henry and their firm’s (Gordian Group) advice, I can attest to the value that unconflicted experts in the field can bring to bear for entrepreneurs and other equity holders. This book distills that real world advice down into a digestible, and great, read.”  Perry Odak, Former CEO, Ben & Jerry’s

“The book offers practical advice and actionable strategies for entrepreneurs and other owners to reclaim their companies and extract value.” Jim Kristie, Editor, Directors & Boards

“I am a big fan of the writing of Owsley and Kaufman, having read and enjoyed their first book, the 2005 Distressed Investment Banking: To The Abyss and Back. I discovered it just as I became managing editor of the bankruptcy group of newsletters at Dow Jones, and found it invaluable in climbing the learning curve of the restructuring market.” David Toll, Buyouts, Buyouts Insider, Executive Editor

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