Henry Owsley Cited in Marijuana Business Daily

Investors Target Distressed Cannabis Companies for New Opportunities

Could it be a win-win deal?

An increasing number of investors – including mainstream investment banks new to cannabis – have begun seeking out cash-strapped marijuana companies with the aim of pumping money into them to provide a financial lifeline.

The investments offer the distressed companies a chance to get back up on their feet.

Such an industry correction, while both inevitable and painful for many, does have a flip side, said Henry Owsley, CEO of New York-based Gordian Group, an independent investment bank specializing in distressed financial situations.

“This is not a huge industry by any stretch of the imagination, but it may very well get there,” Owsley told Marijuana Business Daily.

“In doing so, there will be a lot of destruction of capital and creation of wealth. In any kind of turmoil like that, there will likely be a screaming need for financial restructurings.”

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