Gordian Group President Peter Kaufman Interview by Scripps News on LIV PGA Golf Merger

Gordian Group President Peter Kaufman Interviewed by Del Walters on LIV PGA Golf Merger | Scripps News “The Debrief”


PGA / LIV Merger, The Saudis and Capitol Hill Hearings

Gordian Group President and Golf Journalist Peter S. Kaufman was interviewed on Scripps News “The Debrief” by Del Walters regarding his thoughts on the PGA Tour / LIV Golf Merger, the Saudis and Capitol Hill hearings.

Peter Kaufman Golf Interview on The Scripps News – Is the LIV Tournament Sports Washing?


0:20 | Peter Kaufman Introduction by Del Walters of “The Debrief” on the Scripps News channel

0:27 | Question 1: Much has been made about Sports Washing, can you explain to our audience what it is, and why this may be just that?

1:10 |  Question 2: Some would say that regarding the Saudis, this is tied to 9/11 and the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi – does the PGA not see what Sports Washing is all about?

2:10 | Question 3: Is this about the PGA not having enough money or America not having enough backbone to tell the PGA the stakes?

3:16 | Question 4: If this deal does not go through, is the PGA finished?

4:03 | Question 5: Just yesterday it was announced that one of the tournaments is moving to the Trump Doral Golf Course. There have been many questions raised about the Saudi government and Jared Kushner and the Trump family. How concerned are you that this will be investigated on more than one level?

4:48 | Question 6: A high profile board member resigning…what does that say?

5:23 | Question 7: Can golf survive this type of controversy?


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