Discussion: Opportunity Zone Fund Investments. Are They Right for Family Offices?

Opportunity zones

Gordian Group Family Office Advisor David Beach and CEO, Henry Owsley discuss Opportunity Zone Fund Investments as an emerging tax advantaged investment vehicle for Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. Joining them are Ronald Brown and Paul Williams, Partners at Law Firm Brown, Hatchett & Williams (BHW). 

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Key topics covered in this discussion include:

  • What are opportunity zones, how many are there and where are they located? 
  • What are the investment opportunities in these zones and the potential tax advantages to investors?

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Part One: What is an Opportunity Zone and Where Are They?

00:40 | What is an Opportunity Zone and what’s the potential benefit to an investor? What do they have in common? Why should investors be looking at them given today’s political landscape and what’s unique about Family Offices when it comes to evaluating Opportunity Zones?

05:03 | There are thousands of Opportunity Zones located in the United States. With this in mind what should Family Offices keep in mind when it comes to investment opportunities? What role can 

Part Two: Investing in Opportunity Zones

00:00 |  Why or when should an investor consider an opportunity zone fund investment. Family offices have yet to leverage these opportunities for tax advantages, diversificaiton and social/local impact investing.

07:34 | How can an investor realize tax benefits in an opportunity zone fund investment? What additional benefits are there?


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