Gordian President Peter Kaufman Interview with M&A TV

M&A TV Interviews Gordian Group President Peter Kaufman during the 2024 Distressed Investing Summit Awards Conference – April 11, 2024

M&A TV News Anchor LeeAnna Haakons interviews Gordian Group President, Peter Kaufman in West Palm Beach during the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards

Below is a time stamped interview:

0:22 | Peter Kaufman Introduction by LeeAnna Haakons

0:31 | Question 1: What is Gordian’s focus on companies and sponsors?

0:56 | Question 2: What types of companies are you typically working with?

1:23 | Question 3: What do you see in 2024 as the landscape for defaults as you see with companies?

2:41 | Question 4: Do you see borrowers with capital structure issues being a challenge for the rest of this year given interest rates?

3:04 | Question 5: How would you recommend your clients deal with that?

3:16 | Question 6: You’ve written a couple of books about the industry, tell me about those?