Investment Bankers & Distress: Protection and Optionality | Reed Smith Distressed Situations Podcast

Gordian Group President and Head of Restructuring and Distressed M&A, Peter S. Kaufman, is a guest on Reed Smith’s Distressed Situations Podcast. Peter discusses the value of investment banking services to distressed companies with Reed Smith partner Keith Aurzada. Peter also participates in a “lighting round” description of a number of investment banking terms and concepts (and the occasional movie reference).

Key Topics discussed and questions answered in this distressed situations  podcast include:

  • What is the function of the investment banker in general and how it relates to Gordian’s practice?
  • How does Gordian work with companies and boards?
  • How does Gordian provide a board with options and optionality?
  • Are investment bankers only interested in selling the company?
  • What questions do you ask Boards of Directors so that you can get an idea of what options you have?
  • Tell us about your favorite investment banking story

Listen now! Use the timestamp below to replay parts of the discussion.

00:00 | Intros 

07:17 |  You talked about two very important things – First is protecting the board from various constituents in the case that might make a claim that the board violated its duties for all stakeholders? How do you advise the board to maximize recovery?

08:16 | Options. There is a perception that the investment banker is solely focused on selling the company – how do you respond to that?

10:53 | You walk into a board of directors and the company is distressed, what are the questions that you are asking the board of directors so that you can get enough data to make a decision as to what your options are?

14:43 | So what you are talking about is that the typical senior lender or mezz lender takes a pledge of the equity on default, take control of the equity, and act as the board of directors?

15:16 | The typical provision that I see in this space is a 3 day notice – when there is a default…that the period of time that the sponsor has to evaluate whether or not to file for bankruptcy is that 3-5 days is pretty typical?

15:48 | Let’s talk about your favorite investment banking story.

17:21 | Lightning Round – Investment Banking style

18:31 | What do you see in the market going forward, what are your predictions and prognostications going forward?

20:30 | What do you think will happen in the distressed space…I think we are seeing a lot of artificial buoyancy where it will take a while for the extra liquidity and low interest rates to take effect, and the low default rates and bankruptcy filings will continue – and it is an end of 2022 issue, what do you think?

22:37 | Thanks for joining us!


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