Gordian Group Announces the Creation of Carpathia Capital


Gordian Group Announces the Creation of Carpathia Capital

April 10, 2018, New York, NY – Gordian Group, a New York-based investment bank (www.gordiangroup.com) is pleased to announce the creation of Carpathia Capital, in conjunction with strategic funding relationships with major middle market investors.

Carpathia intends to acquire control positions in distressed middle-market investments, primarily from private equity firms, providing both fresh capital to the portfolio company and debt restructuring to the benefit of junior stakeholders.  Significantly, Carpathia will share future upside with the selling shareholders. This novel strategy leverages Gordian Group’s deep equity-centric financial restructuring skills and turnaround experience base.

“This is a natural extension of our unique ‘old equity’-focused financial restructuring skill set, and it’s another important arrow in our quiver as we seek to expand our product offerings to private equity clients”, commented Peter Kaufman, President of Gordian Group.

Kaufman added “since Gordian alone in our space eschews financial creditor representations, we can now bring our lack of conflicts to the principal side and further assist private equity firms who want upside but may have run out of cash, GP bandwidth and/or time to deal with the operational and capital structure challenges that will be Carpathia’s focus.”

Carpathia founding principal Paul Laud has a 28-year history in private equity and has worked with a large number of private equity investments, guiding portfolio companies experiencing distress through recovery, growth and exit. He recently completed a multi-year engagement to rebuild and monetize a portfolio of private equity assets for a major fund. Earlier, Paul was founder and president of CIT Equity Investments.

As reported earlier in The Wall Street Journal / WSJ Pro – Private Equity, Laud explains “we bring rescue capital to the table…in cases where private-equity sponsors may have gone through multiple rounds of financing, tried pushing whatever buttons they can to turn a company around – but time may be working against them and other opportunities beckoning for their attention.”

Notes Laud, “we will, in addition to capital and financial restructuring expertise to the benefit of equity holders, also bring a fresh bench to manage the asset. This is a natural extension of the role I have served in portfolio companies facing operational challenges my entire career.”

Carpathia invites submission of acquisition opportunities for confidential consideration. Please direct opportunities and inquiries to Paul Laud at the contact information below.

Paul Laud
Chief Executive Officer
Gordian Equity Management Services, LLC
950 Third Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, New York 10022
212.486.3600, ext. 125