Our Role

Specialized Experience and Expertise

GEMS is focused on managing and monetizing underperforming, aging or “orphan” investments. With our breadth of experience, developed over multiple economic and business cycles, we’re expert at working with distressed companies and their owners. We know how to navigate the difficult challenges and time-consuming problems that frequently confront private equity investments. GEMS can fill the role of:

  • “GP for Rent”
  • Leading Operational Restructurings
  • Leading C-Level Executive Changes
  • Board Chair, or Leading Special Board Committees
  • Independent Voice
  • Liquidation Trustee
  • Special Projects


GEMS approaches client assignments from the perspective of practiced private equity general partners, fully experienced and knowledgeable in the complexities, technicalities and contract issues central to private investing and exiting.

An “Extended Member” of the GP Family

As experienced private equity professionals we understand the partnership dynamic. We approach our relationship with our clients with this in mind, viewing our role as a colleague and confidante. We believe in transparency and frequent communication. Substantive decisions are always presented for client review and consent.