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Distressed Investment Banking To The Abyss and Back, 2nd Edition

Appendix A: Old Equity’s Chessboard – A Theoretical View

When boards and equity owners need specialized help...

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This updated and revised book on the restructuring of troubled companies provides an insider viewpoint on the methods and complexities of this fascinating area of investment banking. The authors explain the role of investment bankers in troubled company situations and convey difficult concepts in readily understandable terms.

Topics addressed in this free chapter include:

  • A Massive Move Toward “363 Sales”
  • Should Old Equity Holders Be Subordinated to Unsecured Creditors
  • Business Judgment and Legal Liability
  • Difficult Choices for Old Equity Owners
  • Circling the Wagons and the Alamo Plan
  • Can Directors and Officers Get Credit for Facilitating 363 Sales

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