Distressed Debt Investing & Restructuring | Straight Talk Money Podcast

Straight Talk Money

Gordian Group CEO Henry F. Owsley and David Beach of Crestmont Investments discuss financial advisory services for family offices with special focus on distressed situations and distressed debt investing with Chase Robertson and Peggy Tuck of Straight Talk Money Radio.

 Key Topics discussed and questions answered in this interview include:

  • What is Gordian Group and what led to the founding of Gordian?
  • When does a family office or sophisticated private investor need Gordian?
  • What are the recurring themes that private equity investors should keep in mind?
  • Given COVID, what impact are you seeing across the corporate landscape and with what industries specifically?
  • What are you expecting to see in 2021 relating to Family Offices and financial advisory?

Listen now! Use the timestamp below to replay parts of the discussion.

*Gordian portion of interview starts at 14:20

14:20 | Henry Owsley and David Beach welcome and intros

15:15 | What is Gordian, what led to the founding and where is it today? [Henry F. Owsley]

18:22 | About Gordian Groups Family Offices Advisory and High Net Worth Practice and the focus on equity protection and preservation.  [David Beach]

21:03 | What triggers a Family Office to pick up the phone and call Gordian looking for advice? [Henry] 

28:40 | Given COVID19, what impact are you seeing across the corporate landscape? [Henry]

32:11 | Do you think the Fed will raise interest rates at some point? [Henry]

34:33 | Where do you see us recognizing inflation first? [Henry]

42:58 | Please tell us a little bit about your publications, Distressed Investment Banking, to the Abyss and Back, and Equity Holders Under Siege [Henry]

45:54 | David, is there anything that keeps you up at night?

47:50 | Henry, any expectations for 2021?

49:00 | Are there sectors or a trend that you would follow throughout the remainder of the year? [Henry]

51:10 | Conclusion


Family Offices are welcome to contact Gordian Group to discuss our advisory services in the areas of distressed debt investing, complex restructuring and other investment opportunities.