On Demand Webinar: Gordian Group President Peter Kaufman Participates in Distressed as Part of a Winning M&A Strategy | Mergermarket Briefing August 6, 2020

Webinar: Mergermarket’s Distressed as Part of a Winning M&A Strategy

Peter Kaufman joined industry leaders on this Virtual Webinar Panel to discuss: Distressed M&A Strategy including fundraising for distressed and event driven strategies, and deployment opportunities and strategies.

Moderator: Claire Rychlewski, Deputy editor, Mergermarket | Panelists: Peter Kaufman, President and Head of Distressed M&A, Gordian Group / Peter Martenson, Partner, Eaton Partners / Mark Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas, Datasite

Panel: Distressed as Part of a Winning M&A Strategy

Whenever a downturn strikes, dealmakers start looking at distressed assets. This crisis has been no different, and managers have been busy raising money for dedicated distressed strategies, as well as diversifying existing mandates. But with demand for assets soaring, and supply remaining limited how should dealmakers safely deploy capital? How can you find the gems, and avoid companies that will stay distressed? And is anyone brave enough to look at retail?

• Prospects for distressed and event-driven investing

• Fundraising/capital raising in today’s capital markets

• Risk and reward in the COVID-era

• Sectors to avoid

Responses from Peter Kaufman

Below are some of the key questions Peter answered that we’d like to highlight. Each video below is set to start with Peter answering the question. If you’d like to watch the video in it’s entirety you can do so here.

Q1: How much stress are you seeing in the market, at the moment, and do you think the Feds actions are dislocating the distressed cycle we were expecting to see?

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Q2: Are LPs happy with the strategy creep into stressed/distressed?

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Q3: When it comes to deploying capital for distressed M&A how is private equity sourcing opportunities and how is the current market impacting lender sponsored dynamics? Are there defensive strategies being employed by sponsors there?

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Q4: Mergermarket’s research has demonstrated that restructuring and bankruptcies are originating in energy, utilities, industrials, capital goods. While retail continues to be the weakest member as we saw Lord and Taylor file for chapter 11 this week. Are buyers diligencing potential opportunities in these sectors? And, how are buyers safely investing in deeply distressed assets?

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Q5: How should buyers look at financing a distressed deal/asset from 363 sales?