Conference: Gordian Group Participates in Opal Financial Virtual Family Office Investment Symposium August 5-6, 2020

Opal Financial Family Office Investment Symposium 2020

David Beach, Gordian Group Family Office and High Network Worth Practice Advisor participated in Opal Group’s Family Office Investment Symposium 2020. The topic of discussion for this panel: Examining the Equity and Fixed Income Markets since the Outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Moderator: David Pappalardo, Senior Vice President, Advisor Solutions Practice Leader, Segal Marco Advisors | Panelists: Gib Dunham, Chief Investment Officer, Bridgeway, Wealth Partners, David Beach, Advisor, Gordian Group

Conference Focus

The Family Office Investment Symposium covered what has happened in the current financial investment marketplace since the outbreak of COVID-19 as it pertains to family offices and their investments. Discussions covered a wide variety of investment topics including both traditional and alternative investment asset classes, as well as direct investing, impact investing, non-correlated assets, and many more.

Panel: Examining the Equity and Fixed Income Markets Post COVID-19

Below are the key answers from the panelists. Each video below is set to start with the panelists answering the corresponding question.


Q1: In light of the huge impact of COVID on the capital markets, please describe a typical asset allocation you recommended to a client prior to COVID and what is a typical asset allocation now?

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Q2: Our firm has seen tremendous demand looking for what opportunities are out there particularly in the alternative space. Is that consistent with what you are seeing as well?

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Q3: Do you provide both strategic and tactical asset allocation guidance to clients? Related to that, given the narrowness of the market, where are the opportunities in the market? How does that change the demand you are seeing? Given the very notable dispersion between growth and value performance, how does your firm approach investment style allocations within equities?

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Q4: What is your perspective on where there might be opportunities in the traditional and alternative side from a cap spectrum point of view? Where is there opportunity on below mega-caps for traditional and not traditional?

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Q5: How has your guidance changed as it relates to fixed income? What areas are you recommending/not recommending and why? What is your overall perspective?

Q6: How do you advise clients to generate yield in this environment?

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Q7: What asset classes or opportunities outside of equities and fixed income are attractive in the current environment?

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