“New Venture To Fund Growing Wineries”

June 24, 2008

Growth has attracted the attention of the Gordian Group, an advisory firm that for 20 years has specialized in solving complex financial issues (hence the name, taken from the fabled knot). The company, owned by co-founders Peter Kaufman and Henry … Read more

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Leaky Ship

June 6, 2008

After a contentious battle with Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton appeared to finally run out of steam last week after a grueling campaign. But one of her most ardent supporters, decorated General Wesley Clark, had his … Read more

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Henry Owsley cited in NY Times article “While the Economy Struggles”

May 21, 2008

As a small-business owner who has worked with troubled companies, Mr. Owsley can offer a survival tip to other companies. For those whose work is not countercyclical, the greatest pain may be ahead, he said, adding, “Maintaining liquidity is probably … Read more

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Gordian Group Acquires Distressed Debt Investor

May 13, 2008

NEW YORK, NY: – Gordian Group, LLC today announced that it is acquiring the 50% interest in the bi-weekly research service Distressed Debt Investor ™ (DDI) held by its joint venture partner FridsonVision LLC to become the sole owner of … Read more

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Bankers Buy Back Gordian from Allied Capital

September 20, 2007

Investment bankers Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley have bought back Gordian Group LLC from Allied Capital Corp., The Deal has learned. Although published reports from five years ago say that Washington- based Allied Capital acquired all of Gordian through an … Read more

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Status Quo at the Abyss?

July 1, 2006

Faced with some combination of impending liquidity and capital-structure crises, companies and their boards of directors may consider multiple options. One option is to maintain the status quo and do nothing. This is roughly analogous to the physician’s credo of … Read more

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Book Review: Distressed Investment Banking – To the Abyss and Back by Donna Duke

December 1, 2005

Despite the gloomy title, this is an entertaining book. It is a practical guide, often accompanied by amusing observations, to insolvency and recovery. It is written by two US investment bankers but offers insight throughout as to the perspective of all … Read more

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The Restructuring Life (Profile on Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley from The Deal)

July 25, 2005

Gordian Group’s Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley bring a lot of passion to the distressed game. Now they’ve put it in a book. While most of America was busy relaxing on the Fourth of July weekend of 1989, barbecues, fireworks … Read more

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Suggested Reading – Distressed Investment Banking: To the Abyss and Back

July 1, 2005

No senior executive or general counsel of a troubled company should take another step without reading Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley’s practical and concise primer on distressed investment banking. With Distressed Investment Banking: To the Abyss and Back, these senior … Read more

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Gordian Attracts Capital Investment

September 15, 2002

Though its investment in an investment banking and financial advisory services firm stands out from its usual lineup of tangible product producing companies, Allied Capital Corp.’s $8.3 million pledge of faith in the Gordian Group may prove to be one … Read more

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Allied Capital Makes Strategic Investment in Gordian Group

July 1, 2002

Allied Capital Corporation (NYSE:ALD) announced Friday that it has made a strategic investment in Gordian Group, a leading national provider of investment banking and financial advisory services. “Allied Capital’s investment in Gordian Group provides us with an excellent opportunity that … Read more

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Gordian Group Riffs On Confidentiality Pacts

April 1, 2002

There’s no tune so standard that gifted players can’t rework it to make it sparkle. Take that m&a warhorse, the confidentiality agreement. Usually, the requiring bidder secrecy is part of the tire-kicking process when companies are considering an acquisition. The … Read more

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Cash-Rich Seek Deals; May Emerge Mightier from Downturn

October 18, 2001

The weakening economy that’s inspiring many companies to trim down to survive is leading Corporate America’s powerhouses in the other direction: Fatten up while smaller competitors are struggling. The giants of U.S. industry, such as General Electric Co and Tyco … Read more

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Early Action Key to Surviving a Distressed M&A

June 14, 2001

Easy money is a thing of the past. Troubled companies today are more likely to find lenders (particularly secured lenders) demanding a quick sale or merger rather than extending further financing. The professionals at Gordian Group LP, a New York–based … Read more

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies, Find a Buyer

June 1, 2001

Doing a distressed m&a deal is like tying to sell an ice cube before it melts,” says Henry F. Owsley, a principal at boutique investment bank the Gordian Group in New York. That being the case, there are a lot … Read more

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