Private Equity Series

Financial Distress Q&A for Private Equity Firms & Portfolio Companies

About the Private Equity Series

There is a whole new generation of private equity professionals who, heretofore, have known a business and economic environment where the living is easy: economic growth; artificially low interest rates; fawning lenders competing for their firm’s patronage and, relatedly, covenants that are incredibly generous. Things have changed fast and private equity firms need to pivot.

If your porfolio company is experiencing financial distress or the prospect thereof is keeping you up at night, you’ve come to the right place. We've published a series of articles to give straightforward answers to questions company directors and officers have – or should be asking.

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Ways Private Equity Firms Can Deal With Distressed Debt

Real world scenarios that private equity firms can consider when navigating a distressed debt situation in a portfolio company.

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Distressed Debt Trading Prices and PE Firms

A portfolio company’s distressed debt trading prices can be a cause of concern for a PE firm. Research, due diligence & assumptions need to be re-examined.

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Distressed Debt Risks and Costs for PE Firms

The potential distressed debt risks and costs that private equity firms need to think about if they have a portfolio company in trouble.

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Distressed Debt and Private Equity Firms

Distressed debt can be an advantage for private equity firms and they can leverage these situations within their portfolio companies.

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