Private Equity Series

Liability Warnings on the Sell Side for Corporate Directors Co-Authored by Peter Kaufman & Henry Owsley | Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

July 22, 2021

Gordian Group’s Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley recently co-authored an article, “Warnings Persist for Corporate Directors Evaluating LBO and Other Multi-Step Transactions,” for the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.

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Gordian on Leveraging Market Uncertainty in Restructuring Private Equity Investments | Journal of Corporate Renewal

February 2, 2021

Gordian Group’s David Herman, Peter Kaufman and Liam Ahearn recently penned an article for the Journal of Corporate Renewal (JCR)…

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Report From the Front: Private Equity Restructuring in the COVID Era

October 7, 2020

Private equity restructuring during a pandemic. Themes, trends and outcomes focused on protecting shareholder and owners interests.

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On Demand Webinar: Gordian Group President Peter Kaufman Participates in Distressed as Part of a Winning M&A Strategy | Mergermarket Briefing August 6, 2020

August 4, 2020

This Mergermarket Distressed M&A Webinar addresses distressed as part of an M&A strategy, Whenever a downturn strikes, dealmakers start looking at distressed assets.

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Discussion: The COVID Recession – 2008 or Something Else?

July 27, 2020

Gordian Group CEO Henry Owsley provides his thoughts on the current economic situation facing companies in the United States. Joining him in this Perspectives Discussion Series are Rick Mikels, Partner at Law Firm, Pachulski Stang Ziehl and Jones LLP and … Read more

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Restructuring Scenario, The Novel Carrot

July 15, 2020

Creating advantageous restructuring tactics for debtors. Learn about Gordian Group’s novel “carrot” recapitalization strategy for shareholders & management.

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On Demand Webinar: Peter Kaufman a Panelist on McDermott Will & Emery Distressed Healthcare Panel

May 26, 2020

Gordian Group’s Peter Kaufman on how PE Firms should think about Workouts and Restructuring in today’s healthcare environment in light of COVID-19.

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The World Has Changed for Private Equity Firms

April 10, 2020

There is a whole new generation of private equity professionals who, heretofore, have known a business and economic environment where the living is easy: economic growth; artificially low interest rates; fawning lenders competing for their firm’s patronage and, relatedly, covenants that are incredibly generous. Things have changed fast and private equity firms need to pivot.

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Will Limited Partners Have Limited Understanding?

March 23, 2020

Will Limited Partners Have Limited Understanding? Advising Private Equity Firms in This Crisis We are going through tumultuous, uncharted times.  Many Private Equity firms are being pressed to come up with a coherent battle plan with incomplete and constantly-changing information. … Read more

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Private Equity in the Time of Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

Private Equity in the Time of Coronavirus Advising Private Equity Firms in This Crisis The past couple of weeks have been game-changing.  The Coronavirus pandemic, the prospect of a full-blown recession and an earthquake in the capital markets have precipitated … Read more

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Ways Private Equity Firms Can Deal With Distressed Debt

February 27, 2020

Real world scenarios that private equity firms can consider when navigating a distressed debt situation in a portfolio company.

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Distressed Debt Trading Prices and PE Firms

January 28, 2020

A portfolio company’s distressed debt trading prices can be a cause of concern for a PE firm. Research, due diligence & assumptions need to be re-examined.

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Distressed Debt Risks and Costs for PE Firms

December 23, 2019

The potential distressed debt risks and costs that private equity firms need to think about if they have a portfolio company in trouble.

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Distressed Debt and Private Equity Firms

November 22, 2019

Distressed debt can be an advantage for private equity firms and they can leverage these situations within their portfolio companies.

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